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Originally Posted by TwiddlingThumbs View Post
Per the following ISOGG article on convergence, a low gd number with someone of a different surname may not indicate any relationship. The lower gd may due to convergence, ie, two unrelated lines having STR results that converged due to a series of mutations that closed the STR marker gap between the two lines. The likelihood that a low gd may be due to convergence depends on a lot on your haplotype. According to the article, for 5-10% of surname groups, up to 90% of their matches might be false positives. If you have a close gd with someone of a different surname, it is worth a look, but may not indicate any relationship.
This is from your convergence link "It is less likely to occur at 67 markers, though a case has been reported of two 67-marker haplotypes with a genetic distance of 6, which were found to be in different R1b subclades"

What they don't say in that sentence, but should, is that a match with a GD of 6 or 7 has a very high probability of not having a common ancestor in the past 500 years which generally most people can't even get past that in their genealogy. They also fail to mention that some 67 marker matches no longer match once the person and the match upgrade to Y111 and that this is due to not having a common ancestor in the past 500 years. Beyond 500-1,000 years then STRs are less reliable than NGS testing estimate how long ago the common ancestor lived.

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