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Please do not interpret MyOrigins as much more than an entertaining series of guesses. Lots of people in the BI are rooted in Nordic lines, and there is no such thing as "Norwegian" DNA. The system of spreading DNA through the BI was certainly a Viking specialty. Being "full" Norwegian does not mean that your mother's ancient DNA did not travel across the Balkans.

My Haplo expert describes my Y Haplo as anciently "Anglo-Saxon," and current male populations in Gothenberg Sweden are just loaded with my haplo-mates, possibly more concentrated there than in England.

So it made sense that MyOrigins once showed me as mostly British, with a large chunk (over 30%) Scandinavian, and 2% South-Central Asian.

Today it shows me as 88% Brit, 3% Iberian and 6% Sephardic Jew! My Scandinavian is gone! My Jewish roots were previously unsuspected. My Asian trace made sense to me as a possible Native American connection, but now it is relegated to <2% trace results!

Please do not take these things seriously, your complaint is echoed across this forum as possibly the Number One cry: "Why does my [heritage] not show?" One day it might, and will still be an interpretation of something that is basically unknowable. Our genes just frankly don't give a damn about geopolitical divisions, religion or cultural norms and most of them go all over the place.

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