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Comparison of my YDNA with Thompson on FTDNA

In looking at those matching me at 111 markers I note the following.
A MRCA with David Thompson at 4 generations 90%, 8 generations 99%. A MRCA with Lew Eric Thompson at 4 generations 46% and at 8 Generations 85%.
The interesting thing is that I have strong connections to several others on the list with David and Lew, especially Meadows. Of those in which I have autosomal data there seems to be a connection between my and several Meadows on Chromosome 8. Although David and Lew list that they have also taken the FF tests I have been unable to find them in the FF matches and/or Chromosome Browser. The Thompson of interest to Lew is Gordon Thompson, b 1815 Mercer Co., (VA) WV Many Meadows are from this area.
My paternal DNA connection to Meadows is supported by family folklore that my gggrandfather, William Wilson Adkins, b 1816, Greenbrier Co., (VA) WV was born a Meadows.
I also note thatI am a membef of the Thompson group and as shown on line 91 I share a common haplogroup R-M269, R1b-(subgroup s2) with kit 231839 which lists the aforementioned Gordon Thompson as the MRCA. I assume 231839 is Lew Thompson

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