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GDPR regulations effective 25 May 2018

from ISOGG "The General Data Protection Regulation 2017 is a regulation of the European Union (EU) which will apply from 25 May 2018. Its primary objective is to protect EU residents against the misuse of their personal data. The regulation applies to companies and organisations who have customers or members resident in the European Union."

As Group Administrators, I would guess we all have at least one member who is a resident of the EU. I began to try and see who and how many EU residents were in my Stevenson group membership and quickly discovered that short of opening each account from Member Information, it was impossible. So I asked FTDNA CS if they would not consider adding a column to our Member Reports in the Member Information option to display Country of Residency and got no specific answer. The Member Distribution Map display option only gives Most Distant Ancestor location.

Would anyone else see the value of this information to the GAP administrator?
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