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Just a follow up to my original post. I tested here (FTDNA) and had no close matches with 4th cousin being the closest. I uploaded to GEDMatch and everywhere else I could with no real different matches. I did an Ancestry kit and have four first cousin matches and eight second cousin matches. Two of the first cousins' match me and each other. The other two first cousins match each other and me but not the other two. Sames goes for the second cousins. Half one side, the other half the other side. It looks like I may have found my Paternal and Maternal lines with the Ancestry test.

I have made contact with the first cousin and a second cousin from what I believe is my maternal side. Times, dates, places of residence line up with where my mother was born. So far, no one from the other side has replied back to me. It looks like neither has logged into Ancestry for close to a year. I'm hoping they do as I have a very strong feeling this is my biological father's family.

What is nice as well is that one person on each side have very extensive family trees back to the 1500's Each tree is totally different. One has over 10,000 descendants and the other around 3000. I have been able to use each of these to start following other cousins trees on sites like FTDNA, My Heritage, and GEDMatch.

I upgraded my FTDNA Family Finder kit yesterday to a Y-67 kit so we will see what that tells me as well. This is starting to get really interesting.
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