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I have been working with my Japanese daughter in law's test results for a couple years now and this is what I have seen....

Ancestry has a lot of matches because a lot people test there. She has 209 matches. Her ethnicity is shown as East Asian, so thats covers 3 billion people.

23andme also has a lot of matches 192. However 23andme breaks down the ethnicity to show Japanese and a small amount of Korean and Chinese. They nailed when compared with what the matches appear to be. They also give a Haplogroup. They also list who your matches match within your list of matches.

She did a transfer to GEDmatch, it is supper good to use, lots of things you can do on there, way more than I ever could figure out.

Then we did a transfer to FTDNA. She has 11 about 5th cousin matches. Now with that if you are other than Asian you will likely have way more matches then her. It also looks like they do with some test give you a haplogroup.

My suggestion is to test everyone and cover all your bases.
Really you never know were a good match will appear.

Good luck and happy testing!
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