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Originally Posted by prairielad View Post
mtDNA will be your mothers mothers mothers line (all female line)
It will not help you with your father and for genealogical relevance one is recommended to take the Full Sequence mtDNA test. mtDNA can be the least useful

First test you should take is the FamilyFinder test, It covers all lines back about 5 Generations. You will be matched to others in the databases and given approximate relationship status (ie Parent/child, Sibling, 1st to 2nd cousin, ect)

If you are male then I would also suggest a yDNA test of a minimum of 37markers. This may point to a possible surname of your father if others have of your yDNA STR signature have tested and are in the database.
you can order at a discount through the following
There are also weekly discounts given during the month of December.
Thank you for the quick reply. I did indeed order the Family Finder kit last night and just got notice it is shipped to me. I am male and am planning on the YDNA test. Thank you for the discount information. I am definitely on a budget with disposable income. I was figuring I would need to do the mtDNA test as well to look into my mother's birth family.
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