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Confused on what testing route to take.

I am an illegitimate child of a mother who was adopted. For years I have wondered who I am and my ethnic background. My grandmother told me before she died that the father's name on my birth certificate is not my real father. I had asked my mother about this and she refuses to talk to me about it. It actually has caused a rift where we haven't spoken to each other for close to 20 years.

I am not really on a search for my father. I am guessing he is dead as my grandmother said he was considerably older than my mother who is now 75. I would like to know if I have family out there from his side as well as my mother's birth family. I would really like to know my true ethnicity as well.

I ordered a Family Finder kit last night so I guess I will see where that takes me. I am confused about the yDNA and mtDNA testing though. Getting my mother to test is not an option. Just wondering the best way to go it alone. I'm believing I will need to do both the yDNA and mtDNA to get the answers I seek?
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