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Originally Posted by GG99 View Post

My Y-DNA is R1a1a (etc. etc.), and my DYS439 = 11.

When comparing the DYS's (?) in the R1a group at ftDNA, I find my first difference at DYS439 ... mine = 11 and most of the others got 10.
(DYS393, 390 etc. match until 439 ... and then there is a lot more that doesn't match up )

I've read some place that the mutation rate is about 210 - 212 generations, and if that's correct, it's starting to be a long time ago.
(210 generations * 25 years pr gen = 5250 years ago ... IF I've understood the theories )


1 - When did DYS439 change from 10 to 11, and when did it change to 12?
2 - Is DYS439 = 11 rare for R1a1a's?
3 - Is there any place in my Y-DNA500 results or BAM-file I can check when I got my 11?

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You say you are 11 but you are asking when it turned to 12? I am not understanding that part, where do you get 12 from? But as far as when it changed there would be no way of knowing, it could have changed at your generation or hundreds of generations ago or somewhere in between. As far as 11 being rare it doesn't appear to be rare, just not as common as 10. It appears to be 20% for in Haplogroup R1a.
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