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Which DNA test(s) should I take?

Which DNA test(s) should I take?

My name is Randy and I am male.

My late mother told me two days before she passed away (back in 2005) that my real father wasn't who I thought he was...

Since then I have located a marriage-related-only nephew (could be my cousin) of my possible biological father.

The problem is that my could-be cousin has informed me that no members of my could-be biological father's DNA-related family (that he knows of) are willing to do any DNA relationship conformation testing in order to help me confirm a biological relationship.

Over the last few months (from the 'find a grave' website) I have learned that the grandfather of the man who could be my father's mother had four siblings. And I suspect that they likely had descendants...

I know that you can not control your ancestry.

I suspect that some of my possible-father's grandfather's descendants have submitted their DNA to the semi-global pool of DNA matching websites such as Family Tree DNA.

My question is that from the possible Family Tree DNA testing options, which would be my best choice?

... I mean, I could pay to do the whole combo of Autosomal, X and Y tests ~ $550.00 or separate tests. But I'm just a newbie here with little experience.

What do you think should be my best choice in such an endeavor?

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