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FTDNA example of half-sisters with shared father

Here is an example of half-sisters with common father, both tested with Family Finder on FTDNA, from my own family:

1683 cM total
longest segment (not on X) 199 cM
44 segments shared
X chromosome: 195.93 cM*****

****You are a "full match" on the X chromosome with the adoptee and I would consider this enough "proof" that you are half-siblings.

You might consider a private chat with your dad. He should probably hear the information from you so that he can tell his story while he is still around to do so. You may be surprised at what he already knows. Your mother may also be aware. Older folks have extensive life experience and sometimes younger people underestimate what they can handle! They could be trying to protect you. I'm sure the adoptee will appreciate your efforts and so will future generations on both sides. Also, consider how stressful it is to be the keeper of this information!

Does the adoptee have non-identifying information from her adoption agency? Sometimes there is quite a bit of information on the biological father in the report, including occupation, physical characteristics, military service, education, birth order in his family, etc. This information would also be useful if your father is against testing.

Best wishes on your journey.
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