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A while ago you posted this:
"My X chromosome, which it would seem came only from my moms mom who is northern Italian (there was no recombination with her paternal x) shows up as 75 percent British and Irish..."

Do you still think you inherited your mother's maternal X-chromosome?

If you're handy with a spreadsheet you might be able to manipulate your mother's file to remove the X you received. Regardless of whether or not you did receive an unchanged X from your maternal grandmother this would provide a crude form of phasing which would get rid of the multitude of IBS false matches that women have.

A very kind messageboarder here did the same for me with two kits which left us with the X-chromosome of a woman born in the 1870s by using the kits of two first cousins (one male and one female) whose mothers were sisters. They matched along the entire X-chromosome. We knew from the male who the maternal X-matches were. The majority of the non-maternal matches did not match the kit that was created by removing that maternally inherited X, so they'd been false matches.
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