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Angry Are P305,V168, V238, V241, and V250 synonymous SNPs for A1?

Since P305,V168, V238, V241, and V250 are synonymous SNPs for A1, why does my Geno 2.0 result look like as following?

P305- A1 rs72625368 2710154 G->A

V168+ A1 rs191505182 17947672 G->A

V238- A1 rs186764807 7651556 G->T

V241+ A1 rs184836128 7658712 C->T

V250+ A1 rs191193873 17645335 A->G

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Gang Liu (Geno 2.0 GPID: NG6UGMMH7C FTDNA Sample #: N122998)
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