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Throwing in the BS flag

So, I have been dealing with this issue for my son's and husband's files for a month now. I've downloaded both at least a couple dozen times each. I've spoken with 5 CSRs, 4 managers and a manager's manager (presumably) and emailed customer solutions twice. I have been told it is a ploy from FTDNA to get me to purchase their kit. I've been told that because I purchased kits from Amazon that all of the data is stored there and I needed to contact THEM. I've been told that there are multiple versions, not just V1 and V2, and that they are processed randomly and there is no standardized size for the data files. I've been told that because the files are for my husband and son, since they are male, their files will be smaller as there is a difference between data on the X and the "M!" I am tired of asking for someone to give me a straight answer! I am tired of being spoken to as if I am ignorant!
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