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Originally Posted by nooni View Post
I've contacted Ancestry by phone last week and just now over this issue.

The CSR last week had no idea what I was talking about, and told me to just keep downloading the data file because maybe it had been corrupted the first time and that there was nothing further Ancestry could do to help because of privacy restrictions. I was waiting until I received some in-process results to compare (sorry, @Ann Turner!), but the most current results I received was the full 18.1 megs and had zero problems transferring to other websites.

The CSR today had more information for me, and according to their supervisor it was a known issue for Ancestry and the problem has to do with the email link to download and NOT with the lab analysis. Ancestry's developers are working to resolve the problem but don't know how long it might take, so in the meantime we should sit tight and keep checking in on our raw data files.

Thanks for letting us know! Mine hasn't uploaded in the 100 plus attempts I have made over the last two months. Hopefully it works soon enough.
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