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Originally Posted by Tom Stewart View Post

I have my Y-111 results (Predicted haplogroup R-M269)and have been advised to also have the Big-Y done to further narrow down my paternal line. It seems like the logical next step. I saw a reference in one post to a fee for interpretation of the Big-Y results. Is this a necessary step?
The analysis and matching for Big Y results by FTDNA are rudimentary at best. There are two companies who each charge $50 to analyze your BAM file and double check FTDNA's calls for lower quality SNPs and find SNPs that were missed by FTDNA's algorithm. They will also name any new SNPs that they find. The two companies are Full Genomes Corp. (FGC) and YFull. Both do a competent job.

There are also haplogroup project administrators who offer a free analysis of your VCF/BED files from Big Y results. This isn't as comprehensive as analyzing a BAM file, but given the knowledge of haplogroup project administrators about their haplogroup, they can see where two or more men may share a new SNP, creating a new subclade. They work with the person at FTDNA who maintains the haplotree, so they may be able to expedite getting your new SNPs named and placed on the tree.

The two most prominent examples of this type of analysis I know about for R-M269 subclades are Alex Williamson, who covers the large P312 branch of R-M269 with his Big Tree analysis of Big Y results, and Iain McDonald, a co-administrator of the R1b-U106 Project, who compares the Big Y results of U106+ men to find new subclades and estimate ages for U106 and all its subclades. The programmed spreadsheet he uses for his analysis now has over 1,000 Big Y results. I'm sure there are other project administrators who offer similar free analysis, but those are the two whose work I know.

You're not required to get any additional analysis of your Big Y results beyond what FTDNA gives you. But if you want to get additional information, you should at least get your results to either Alex or Iain, depending on whether you're P312+ or U106+.

Originally Posted by Tom Stewart View Post
Also I see a number of references in the posts to discount coupons for the test and wondered how one goes about finding these.

Thanks for any pointers or advise. I will no doubt be posting further when I get the results back.

There was a discount coupon this month that reduced the price of Big Y from $575 to $425. However, it seems that in the last week, the coupon doesn't work any more. Some have reported that when they inquired about that, they were told by FTDNA that the limit for the number of people ordering Big Y using that coupon had been reached.

It's expected that, as in the last few years, FTDNA will have a holiday sale that reduces the price of Big Y from $575 to $525. In previous years, each FTDNA customer received a Holiday Rewards coupon every Monday during the sale (mid-November to Dec. 31) which reduced sale prices further. Many people were able to use a Holiday Rewards coupon to reduce the price of Big Y to $425 or even $400. These coupons could be used by anyone, so there were several spreadsheets kept with unused coupons for anyone to use, including Big Y coupons.

So, if you want to get the best price for Big Y, you'll likely have to wait until November. That will give you time to set aside money each month for it.
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