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I am involved in a yDNA study group for men who descend from the same ancestor born about 1785. In the group of men who descend from his son (1809) there is consistently a 65/67 match within the group, but the two mutations will differ from one guy to another, another marker or so to men who descend from their likely immigrant ancestor who was born about 1630ish. We are just one example, but a marker mutation every 100 - 150 years seems to be what has fit this group.

Likewise, my son has a 63/67 match with a man who shares his surname. Their ancestors came to the Colonies in 1635 and 1690 to different states and apparently never crossed paths. Their origins are to two villages in England, about 15 miles apart, and we suspect the shared ancestor was probably born in the 1500s.
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