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issueid=14 30th August 2016 08:45 PM
FTDNA Customer
Y111 Test and group R1b-U106+
Where do I find the description and cost of the Y111 test??


I am interested in obtaining information on the Y111 and the BigY tests. I would like to understand what each test provides in terms of data, the cost of each and which would be best in achieving the greatest results.

I have already purchased and received a DNA Test through Ancestry.com I forwarded the ANCESTRY.com results to the PARRISHONERS Group after I joined the Group and Stephen Parrish, their resident genealogist, was able to glean that he felt I was a member of join Family Tree DNAs R1b-U106+.

He advised that I contact FTDNA and ask that I join your join Family Tree DNAs R1b-U106+ project.

He indicated that you could identify what additional SNP test I should order.

I would also like to know if the sale which is expiring at the end of today, could be extend a week or so to give you time to answer my questions, allow me to provide your whatever additional data you need and for me to consider the answers to my questions in a timely manner.

From reading your FAQ, I assume, that once receiving the test results, I absolutely refrain from posting the results to Ancestry.com or other groups of a similar ilk. I also assume that it would be acceptable to forward a copy of the test results to the PARRISHONERS group.

I await your reply with extreme interest.

Yours Jay B Parrish R1b-U106+ (perhaps :-) ) aka "DIOGENESLIGHT"
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7th August 2017 04:32 AM
FTDNA Customer
According to the information I have, the cost is about $100.
Though the prices may vary.

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