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FamilyLost 19th January 2009 05:15 PM

Haplogroup L3e2*
I have tested for HVR1 & HVR2, but do not have a match yet. One reason I don't have an HVR1 match is because of one specific mutation, 16221T. There would be an exact match with person that I've contacted, but only at HVR1. I wish there were a deep subclade test for haplogroup L as it is for haplogroup H.

cacio 19th January 2009 06:10 PM

As far as I know, there aren't very many studies on L3 in general, so the structure of L3e2 is not well known anyway. At this point, the only thing you can do is the full mtdna sequence test. But it is expensive, and very few people have tested, so there's not much to compare yourself with.

On the positive side, having an uncommon mutation can be useful, because then a match can be more significant - L3e2 is a very ancient group (perhaps 40K years old), so being L3e2, per se, may give little information.

Salas, in his papers, claims that L3e2* probably originated in Central Africa, but there's a lot in West Africa too.


SallImSayin 17th December 2013 01:07 AM

We're L3e2b2. I'm not sure, on any site, whether I'm related to any L3e2*'s. Plenty of L3e2b's, though.

hazel_ion 2nd April 2015 05:42 PM

Haplogroup - L3e2a

hazel_ion 8th April 2015 03:23 PM

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