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Steve1956 12th January 2018 09:50 AM

Need assistance developing genealogical "game plan"
I am not new to genealogy but I am new to DNA testing (and the associated terminology). As a result of my lack of knowledge, I would very much appreciate any suggestions or guidance that will help me to develop a "game plan" to discover clues to my paternal lineage...e.g. any suggested additional testing, how/where (other than Ancestry and FTDNA)to post my results, etc.

As briefly as possible - I have virtually -zero- information on my paternal side. My birth father (name unknown) ran off in 1956 when he discovered my mother was pregnant. The ONLY pertinent information I have is that they were both graduate students at a large southern (USA) state university at the time AND that there is the possibility (50-50) that my father was a foreign (visiting) student - country unknown.

To date the tests I have done are the Ancestry DNA test and the FTDNA Y-111 test. Given my age (61) and the fact that I have no male descendants (both of my children are female) my primary motivation for testing is to lay a foundation for any future generations who may decide to research this lineage. I am open to additional testing if it will make future research a bit easier or more certain for those who may follow me. Please note - I'm NOT attempting to put together an 11 generation paternal family tree - Rather for the benefit of my children, I simply want to find out the name and basic info of my father, perhaps his father and mother and any half-siblings I may have.

Thank you VERY much for any suggestions you may provide.



ltd-jean-pull 12th January 2018 03:47 PM

I think you've covered your bases well. Have you transferred/uploaded your autosomal DNA elsewhere?

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