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This blog is created to document the search for my paternal grandparents and to serve as a central online repository for sharing my accumulated knowledge and search techniques as well as possibly gathering recommendations and information from others who are also involved in their own genealogical research.
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Who am I searching for ~ and why?

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Posted 13th July 2015 at 12:21 AM by RicknTX

My father was born in Lynchburg, VA in Nov 1919. However, it was not until almost twenty years later that he discovered he was an adoptee when he was about ten months old. The only reason he made this discovery then was because he had to provide proof of his legitimate birth to enlist in the Army and Air Corps flight school. After making his request to his dad several times, his dad finally explained that he had no birth certificate but he did provide his with his adoption papers.

Well, my dad passed away in 2000 without ever finding out who his biological parents were. However, I have assumed that task for the simple reason that my dad's lack of knowing has become my own lack of knowing. Although my current surname (my father's adoption-given surname) has a well-established and honorable family tree, do I truly belong with it?

I think not, not really, when I now have certain tools and pieces of information that just might provide the kind of leads I need to ascertain who my father's biological parents were, where they originate from, and whether there are any living descendants that I might someday meet to view photos and learn more about their lives. Also, to see just where I fit into their family trees.

In Oct 2013 I learned that my sister had her autosomal dna tested, so she is actually the catalyst for my own search. The following month I decided to have my Ydna tested to 25 markers. After the expected wait, in Jan 2014 my results were returned reflecting 14 matches (12 which were Doss and 2 others who have Doss connections).

As my test sample processing continued to 37 markers, about two weeks later those test results were returned but now reflected 12 matches (all of which were Doss).

In late Jan 2014, I decided to take my Ydna one step further to the 67-marker level. When those results were returned two months later there were only 6 matches (5 which were Doss and 1 that was connected to Doss).

After reviewing these test results, after 80 years of my father's life and 66 years of my own life I felt as though I now had an extremely high liklihood that my true surname was also Doss - a good starting point for further research which continues to this day.

Now, on the side of my biological grandmother I had something more substantial (is anything truly substantial when researching past unknown family members?). My father's adoption papers reflected his birth name as John McCormick. But, was McCormick supposed to be his surname or his middle name? I have come to the determination that it was to have been his middle name since all evidence points to a Doss as being his biological father. Of course, if the mother was under the impression that a McCormick was the father (rather than a Doss) then perhaps McCormick could have been what she perceived to be his surname.

The adoption papers also reflected that the mother's name was Sarah Nelson from Oakville, Virginia. Now, the question remains as to whether ANY of the names on the adoption papers were true and correct names and not fraudulent in order to complicate future parent searches.

In the ensuing months and after hours of online research, I have isolated only one Sarah Nelson who shows up in the Federal Census who is of the anticipated age range for motherhood and who resided reasonably close to Oakville, VA at the time my father was conceived. I have also isolated some Doss family members who I place on my suspect list as my dad's possible biological father.

So, here I sit with all kinds of conceptual thoughts and hunches and possible names. However, my problem now seems to be trying to prove my theories.

At my disposal I have my Family Tree Ydna test results (12, 25, 37, and 67-marker results), my Family Tree Family Finder test results, and even Ancestry autosomal test results.

As I continue, I will add to my blog who I think the mother is and provide my reasoning if I can find a way to present it while excluding the 'hope' factor. Additionally, I will offer suggestions who I think might be the family from where the father originates, or is at least connected to.

I welcome any comments relating to what I have written pertaining to my search.
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