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DNAMatch for the iPad is an alternative to spread sheets which are commonly used in the processing of downloadable Autosomal match from FTDNA, 23andMe, and dnagedcom.com. DNAMatch tools are supported by an advance database which provides significantly more flexibility is querying and presenting results. A user friendly query interface simplifies it use.

DNAMatch uses the same CSV files that you that your DNA lab makes available to you via downloads.

See the latest announcements on DNAMatch here and your comments and suggestions are most welcome.
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DNAMatch 1.2 Upadte

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Posted 17th July 2014 at 01:16 PM by svjim

DNAMatch for the iPad has just been updated and is available from the app store. Version 1.2 in response to user input is a major upgrade containing significant feature and usability updates. Among the many updates:

A new Start Point / End Point search has been added to the Matches Grid view. Select a match in the view, tap the search button, and then select "Start-End Point Search" and any matches with overlapping segments in the project that match the selected match will be displayed.

A new settable parameter maxCm has been added to the Search Criteria view. The parameter works with the start endpoint search and is used to filter out large cM size segments that close relatives can generate and skew results.

Profile popups have been added to the Matches Grid. You can now immediately see the profile either of the two participants in a match. It is also possible to email directly from the profile popup.

Project Management has been modified slightly and a new summary page is available for each project.

The Surnames Tool has a number of updates including the ability to find what profiles are associated with a particular surname and a search bar has been added to the list views for surnames.

All the search buttons on the Matches Grid view have been combined into a single search button and the Refresh button has been been updated to use a refresh icon instead of text. In general.

If you have questions please contact me at support@dnamatch4ipad.com. You can see DNAMatch here.
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