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My name is Stephen Rhodes and I have been a part of Family Tree DNA since 2005 when I first tested my Y37. The first few years were frustrating because I had virtually no Rhodes who related to me genetically. Then one day I decided to call Family Tree DNA and ask what was up with this. I told the person who answered my dilemma and she looked up my account. I also told her than I was confounded by the genetic matches that I did get - a bunch of people named Hudson. She looked at my results and as tactfully as she could told me that, genetically-speaking, I was not a Rhodes, but a Hudson. I was in the wrong family group because my genes told a different family story than did my genealogy.

Since that revelation, I have made contact with a number of Hudson relations, but so far I have not found the common ancestor. This blog is the story of my search.

Since 2005, I have taken the Y67 test and also the Y111 just last year. I have also enrolled with the Family Finder, and most recently, have asked for my mtDNA full sequence. I am currently contemplating taking the Big Y.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you are a Hudson, and are reading this, shoot me an email and let's talk!
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Hudson-Rhodes Working Hypothesis

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Posted 29th December 2015 at 03:11 PM by Stephen Rhodes

I am in the midst of developing a working hypothesis on how my Rhodes line is connected to the Hudson family. In looking at the relevant census records for the counties in which my Rhodes ancestors lived and around which time there was a male birth in my line.

The most fruitful possibility is Rockingham County, NC circa 1810. My 2nd great-grandfather, Joseph Rhodes, was born that year - which is fortunate because it was a census year. This would make his mother, Johanna Barnes, the most likely person to have conceived with a Hudson male.

I have searched the 1810 Census and found five male Hudsons living in Rockingham County, NC that year:

Abel Hudson
Joel Hudson, Sr.
Joel Hudson, Jr.
Robert Hudson (A)
Robert Hudson (B) - I donít yet know how the two Roberts are connected.

There is one other Hudson possibility - James Hudson. I found him in the 1812-1814 Muster Rolls for North Carolina. He was living in Rockingham County in 1812. He was in the Third Company of the Rockingham County Regiment.

Of these possibilities, the first to catch my eye was Abel Hudson. According to the 1810 Census, he was living next to Samuel Barnes. Samuel may have been a relative of my 3rd great-grandmother, Johanna Barnes. So this could possibly put Abel Hudson and Johanna Barnes in geographical proximity. In looking at the Rhodes records in the 1810 Census, I was not lucky enough to find a Hudson living next to a Rhodes. By the way, Johanna was married to Sanford Rhodes. Johanna was born in 1782 in Rockingham County, NC. She would have been about 28 years old when she became pregnant and gave birth to Joseph Rhodes (b. 1810). Johanna married Sanford Rhodes in 1799 in Rockingham County, NC. Johannaís parents were William Barnes and Mary Vernon.

Here are some things I am gleaning about the Rockingham County Hudsons of 1810:

1) Abel Hudson - From researching him on Ancestry.com, I estimate his birth abt. 1780 - so close in age to Johanna. There is also a record of an Abel Hudson marrying Charlotte Stubblefield on August 12, 1834. Maybe a later or second marriage. Also, could be a record of his sonís marriage.
2) Joel Hudson, Sr. - Joel may be a nickname for Joseph
3) Joel Hudson, Jr. - No info at present.
4) Robert Hudson (A) - There is record of a Robert Hudson who was born abt. 1784 in Rockingham County, NC. His father was Joseph Hudson. He was married in 1820 to Elizabeth Brim in Rockingham County.
5) Robert Hudson (B) - There is another Robert Hudson who was also born abt. 1780. He was married in Rockingham County, NC on March 28, 1806 to Susannah Cole.
6) James Hudson - No information at this time.

If you have more information about Hudsons living in Rockingham County in 1810, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you have any information about the specific Hudsons I have mentioned in my hypothesis, I would love to hear about them especially.

Thanks for taking time to read my working theory.


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