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My name is Stephen Rhodes and I have been a part of Family Tree DNA since 2005 when I first tested my Y37. The first few years were frustrating because I had virtually no Rhodes who related to me genetically. Then one day I decided to call Family Tree DNA and ask what was up with this. I told the person who answered my dilemma and she looked up my account. I also told her than I was confounded by the genetic matches that I did get - a bunch of people named Hudson. She looked at my results and as tactfully as she could told me that, genetically-speaking, I was not a Rhodes, but a Hudson. I was in the wrong family group because my genes told a different family story than did my genealogy.

Since that revelation, I have made contact with a number of Hudson relations, but so far I have not found the common ancestor. This blog is the story of my search.

Since 2005, I have taken the Y67 test and also the Y111 just last year. I have also enrolled with the Family Finder, and most recently, have asked for my mtDNA full sequence. I am currently contemplating taking the Big Y.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you are a Hudson, and are reading this, shoot me an email and let's talk!
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