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Hello from Ron.V (2018-08-13)

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Posted 13th August 2018 at 12:52 AM by revincent

Hello Folks,

My name is Ron Vincent, usually given as "Ron.V" on the net because that's my main personal and public website, ronv.net.

I've been a subscriber of FTDNA.com for several years and have taken about every test they offer. I've also DNA tested at other companies: SMGF/Genetree, AncestryDNA, and 23andMe.

I never cared to get involved with the forum. I preferred instead to figure things out on my own by reading books or asking others more knowledgeable. Since I maintain a number of websites, two blogs, and admin a few projects, I didn't think I had the time for a forum.

I only signed up out of curiosity.
I'm not sure why this part of the forum is called a "blog." The best way to learn things is by doing.
This is my first blog post.
Call it an experiment as well as a small introduction. It probably won't be read by many since there don't seem to be a lot of people on here most of the time.

So, hello and goodbye for now.
Happy researching to all.

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