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  62. Denise Five Generations
  63. I was lost and now I'm found
  64. Haplotype L2d from Martinique
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  68. Ibo and Bantu mtDNA Similar???
  69. Casting Call?
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  72. Dad has a 25/37 Marker Match
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  78. Family Tree and Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
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  80. SMGF compared with FTDNA results for Afro mtDNA
  81. U6a1 mtDNA?
  82. Update on Dad's Deep Clade Haplogroup E, SNP Test
  83. Internet Edition of The Negro Family in British Guiana
  84. Where are people discussing now?
  85. Diversity within hg L1c1 people:More Afro-Carribean than Afro-North American Origins?
  86. Child with Albino African father + white English mother
  87. White guy with African Aborigine DNA
  88. Are P305,V168, V238, V241, and V250 synonymous SNPs for A1?
  89. Are V148 and V190 really synonymous SNPs for A0?
  90. Understand 12-marker matches - Surname of Color