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  1. Gulag
  2. The Chimp dna and Human dna.
  3. Cloudy Bay
  4. Vocabulary: HiYNGS
  5. Roberta Estes – Genetic Genealogy Interview
  6. Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2014
  7. LP gene
  8. Privacy issue
  9. Gail Riddell – Genetic Genealogy Interview
  10. Matt Dexter - Interview
  11. Doggerland
  12. POT1 gene mutation & melanoma
  13. Across the italian and french alps.
  14. Ancient dna
  15. Testing times...
  16. Brian Boru
  17. IE languages
  18. Does Forum atrophy exist?
  19. Time for a smile
  20. We are funny people!
  21. hmmm
  22. What's in a name?
  23. Earliest human footprints outside Africa discovered in NORFOLK: 800,000-years-old
  24. The Irish are not Celts
  25. Gedmatch up.... and down again
  26. Blond Hair
  27. Bell Beakers in Ireland
  28. Adam and Eve from the Eden.
  29. Lichtenstein Cave
  30. Genetic Genealogy Wish List
  31. "Exciting new updates"
  32. Totally Lost! Need general Q answered
  33. General Question on Matches
  34. Technical question on DNA collection
  35. Americas’ natives have European roots
  36. Ancient dna
  37. Ancient dna
  38. SNP counting
  39. Who were the Picts
  40. Rossen Culture
  41. Lefthandedness clues in DNA?
  42. Blue Eyes SNPs
  43. Got lactase?
  44. Lost links after computer crash
  45. New forum
  46. Finding your roots, or etc. on TV
  47. Is the modal haplotype the ancestor haplotype?
  48. Mal'ta Boy.
  49. Iron Age Briton
  50. DNA Results from Asturias
  51. The next Ice Age.
  52. Forum is in German?
  53. PC errors
  54. The Surname Society
  55. beaker period in Ireland
  56. The Neolithic Transition
  57. Altai Neanderthal
  58. Evolution
  59. Sesostris I Kheperkere pharaoh dna match?
  60. SNP Titbits
  61. Limestone Venus found in France
  62. Ireland In Bits
  63. How Many Ancestors?
  64. Latin birth records, anyone can decipher?
  65. Shandon Cave
  66. Is anyone here researching Spanish records?
  67. Dna Calculator
  68. Endogamy
  69. Question about Gedmatch calculator results
  70. Racton Man
  71. 2015.
  72. R1b-Z156
  73. Autosomal Segment Analyzer
  74. Man or Mouse
  75. DNA tests prove Scots clan are Viking not Irish
  76. GEDmatch Plus for Google Chrome
  77. Irish DNA Atlas project enters analysis phase
  78. May Flower passengers.
  79. Skull Fossil Offers New Clues on Human Journey From Africa
  80. Red Hair
  81. A good dna blog
  82. some rare SNPs
  83. Cimetery of Passy, Paris, France.
  84. Promethease
  85. Gedmatch
  86. Evils of censorship
  87. R1b in Western Europe
  88. Tullaghoge Fort
  89. 1/2 brothers plus
  90. Eurogenes K13 and K15 4-Ancestors Oracle
  91. Z2103
  92. DNA recovered from underwater British site may rewrite history of farming in Europe
  93. How many people have had their DNA tested?
  94. Hungarian
  95. New light on the roots of english -NYT
  96. Child with higher atDNA percentages than parents?
  97. Immigrant burials in Late Iron Age Meath
  98. Looking for matches in ysearch
  99. Karelia_HG 5500-5000 BCE C1g R1a1
  100. Celtic Prince tumulus In Champagne at Lavau
  101. The Megalithic People
  103. Natural selection and ancient European DNA
  104. Ireland Before St. Patrick - Natl Geo
  105. Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets
  106. gedcoms
  107. The Basques
  108. Ancient DNA
  109. How Europeans evolved white skin
  110. Scotland - Father and son buried together for 2 millenia
  111. Tenth anniversary Toast.
  112. Spectacular Neolithic finds showcased in Orkney this summer
  113. Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2015
  114. Problem with Gedmatch?
  115. Homo-erectus-footprints-hint-at-ancient-hunting-party
  116. Human skin color
  117. DNA Reveals Unknown Ancient Migration Into India
  118. Oldest stone tools raise questions about their creators
  119. The Titanic
  120. Sophisticated tools may have spelled doom for Neandertals
  121. Gedmatch Questions - wanting some clarification if one would
  122. Only 140,000 people in FTDNAs database?
  123. The Redlegs
  124. Russian DNA Discoveries Explain Human 'Paranormal' Events
  125. Archiac DNA
  126. Gedmatch - two questions like some clarification on - & siblings glaring difference?
  127. Question on skin color of Amerindians
  128. Pint-sized DNA sequencer impresses first users
  129. The Lost Tribe, M269
  130. New Blog from Jim Bartlett
  131. Early European may have had Neanderthal great-great-grandparent
  132. How prevalent are R-M269 members?
  133. Dodecad V3 4-Ancestors Oracle
  134. The Bronze Age Black Forest Girl of Denmark
  135. puntDNAL K10+Eurasia 4-Ancestors Oracle
  136. Cro-Magnon
  137. Problems with Gedmatch
  138. MDLP World-22 Oracle results...
  139. Archaeologists Find Evidence of 4,500-Year-Old Gold Trade Route
  140. Eurogenes Hunter_Gatherer vs. Farmer Admixture Proportions
  141. My Origins %....
  142. Kit for less than 30 dollars?
  143. An ‘ancient DNA revolution’ is now sweeping through genetics.
  144. Aunt wants to now is she is aunt
  145. The Irish, more like northern Spain then Brits.
  146. Tumulus in Montenegro
  147. Celts in Yorkshire
  148. The Khoisan
  149. Atlantic dna
  150. First Britons
  151. Right before our eyes
  152. Need help
  153. North Sea dna
  154. Corded Ware
  155. Wanderlust - just happenchance or genetic
  156. Blood of the Celts
  157. Language,verb–subject–object
  158. MDLP K13 Ultimate beta-calculator
  159. The Celts New TV Programme
  160. Crime Scene Eulau – Mystery of the 13 Skeletons
  161. Something for nothing
  162. New to DNA
  163. sheesh!
  164. Wow, a viking native american? :)
  165. Deleting and Reloading Tree
  166. $5 mtdna gift
  167. Fabricated DNA
  168. Autosomol test code - mystery gift
  169. Irish connection to the Basques and looks.
  170. Anyone want to share $25 or $50 Big Y coupon
  171. Wanted: Big-Y $75 Discount Code
  172. Coupon for ydna test
  173. Have $75 Big Y coupon. Willing to trade
  174. Any Family Finder Coupons???
  175. Coupons
  176. Typically how long to have kit marked as Received?
  177. translate from Ukrainian
  178. Very basic question
  179. Family Tree Maker is being continued...
  180. After a whole lot of work I traced one line
  181. Just wondering how many generations do you have in your tree
  182. gene testing and the government
  183. Siletz native americans.
  184. Slaughter at the bridge: Uncovering a colossal Bronze Age battle
  185. Dad Jokes
  186. Law Enforcement requesting DNA Results
  187. Excessive yDNA matches
  188. DNA.land update
  189. 3-step match on full sequence mtdna test
  190. Can DNA be taken from hair?
  191. Roadblocks for Japanese genealogy
  192. Where would i fit best in the world?
  193. Post-office anecdote :)
  194. The whole Customer Smythe debacle
  195. gedmatch eye color predictor
  196. Yes, this is most likely a dumb question...
  197. Could there be some truth to this?
  198. My Origins results and what I look like
  199. Going nowhere
  200. What happened to GENEALOGY-DNA mailing list?
  201. Has anyone used Lazarus in GEDMatch
  202. 3D Printed DNA
  203. Trying to find great grandfather with no info
  204. Kids cafe petition
  205. Sparks 65 years later North Korea in 1951
  206. early humans were from Africa but their route out was via Arabia not Egypt Read more:
  207. How Did People Migrate to the Americas?
  209. Interesting comparison between FtDNA and Ancestry over on Gedmatch.
  210. New Book "Genetic Genealogy in Practice" - Has Anybody Seen It?
  211. Dienekes Anthropolgy Blog
  212. Why would Y-DNA results not be visible
  213. Phylogenetic Tree Source???
  214. You know you're thinking about DNA too much when. . .
  215. How to contact a paper trail on FTDNA
  216. Requesting a family tree app
  217. DNA paternity testing
  218. web site
  219. Lazarus/Phasing
  220. Let's compare gedmatch kits
  221. How do they read Dna strs and snps
  222. Raw DNA Files for Gedmatch
  223. Family Trees
  224. Adding individuals to myFamilyTree
  225. Where are you from and why you took (or want to take) a genetic test?
  226. Updated Algorithm?
  227. y-matches
  228. How do I manage a Y test for my brother
  229. Eurogenes HG vs. Farmer Admixture from Gedmatch??
  230. Postage tracking in Australia
  231. Auto Immune Diseases and DNA testing
  232. Sometimes when I read the posts in "Gripes and
  233. Curious about Family Finder results
  234. Change Account information
  235. Web site query
  236. "factoid" order page?
  237. hurricane and flooding protection at FTDNA
  238. Contact problems with FTDNA
  239. How do I ca match?
  240. I'd have expected at least ONE match!
  241. No trees for my matches with Swedish families!!!!
  242. Anybody here like classical music?
  243. I do like holidays!
  244. How does FTDNA determine surnames?
  245. Nial of the Nine Hostages
  246. Looking for a Good DNA Forum