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  3. X DNA Admixture
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  5. How Full Sibs Match X DNA
  6. Do I need 7cm total or a 7cm segment?
  7. Try to lean to the left or start on top
  8. Are these
  9. How to interpret X results in Gedmatch?
  10. Introduction to FTDNA X-Chromosome Segment Matching
  11. X Chromosome match observations
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  13. The the largest matching segment meaningful?
  14. Female - Male ratios and other mysteries
  15. X match question
  16. Pseudoautosomal regions
  17. Results to-date with known X matches
  18. Non X related to Xmatch if in common and same Chromosome?
  19. FREE Webinar - Family Tree DNA Feature Launch: X Chromosome Matches in Family Finder
  20. Two questions....
  21. x matches - Am I doing this right ?
  22. Does the x always recombine
  23. X match success !!!
  24. X Chromosome webinar
  25. Matching on X Chromosome
  26. What size segment is significant?
  27. Please Help -- Narrowing Down Matches using X
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  29. A longish X Match - what does it mean?
  30. Sally, Susie and narrowing match patterns
  31. Webinar FF X Chromosome Chart
  32. How could this be?
  33. Those matches without an x chrom match
  34. X match that looks pretty good
  35. Why no X-DNA matches
  36. "That Unruly X.Chromosome That Is"
  37. Meaning of No X-Chromosome Match
  38. females with overlapping x-chrom
  39. What does exact match mean?
  40. Gedmatch FTDNA XDNA?
  41. x-DNA chromosome match
  42. Need help understanding non-match and match with mother and daughter pair
  43. Male with AG values on X
  44. Significant x-chrom matches- no autosomes
  45. Thinking through the X Chromosome and matches
  46. Brother / Sister X-DNA logic help needed
  47. X v Y chromosomes
  48. X Chromosome of Match
  49. Is this a significant x-match?
  50. X Match & FF Match via both sides of my tree at once?
  51. Any X-Chromosome Success Stories?
  52. X match with 1/2 silbing mother's side & no x match with 1/2 silbing father' side
  53. How many X matches do you have?
  54. X-match with my 2nd cousin, mistake?
  55. I need some help here
  56. Evaluating a 10 cM match
  57. X chromosome and Mtdna matches
  58. Chr vs X chr
  59. Different mt-DNA haplogroups from X-DNA matches
  60. Is 8.34 cM enough?
  61. MRCA at X-Chromosome
  62. Match or coincidence?
  63. X Dna Match with adoptee
  64. Family Finder and X Chromosome
  65. X match with Adoptee
  66. X-matches relationship
  67. 2 questions about x sharing with 2 different half silbings
  68. Matching names on turning up on X search
  69. What does this X match mean?
  70. are we really matches on X chromosome and what does it mean?
  71. x-match: is this correct?
  72. X Chromosome segment only
  73. All my X-matches are near the same positions
  74. X Match with small autosomal
  75. For a male, does an X match eliminate his paternal line?
  76. X match interpretation...
  77. Comparing X between a male and female
  78. ADSA interpretation question
  79. X Matches for siblings
  80. 5cm shared x-chromosome and cm questions
  81. Where is the X from my father
  82. how can this be true?
  83. What is significant for an X-Match
  84. 3rd-5th Cousin but Not an X-match
  85. brother recombination
  86. Can someone set me straight?
  87. 14.99 cm X Match
  88. X dna matches
  89. Just an X Match
  90. X match. Gedmatch v FTDNA
  91. Not 1 X match
  92. Very Small X cM for males
  93. X match on GEDmatch but not a match FTDNA
  95. Kleinfelter's Syndrome and "X" Testing
  96. Puzzled
  97. X match with mother but not daughter?
  98. Ethnic Makeup.
  99. x match 8cM
  100. No X match between brother & sister
  101. X chromosome match help please!
  102. Significance of 59.2 CM (total) with longest of 21.8 CM
  103. I still don't get this X stuff....
  104. Match on Chromosome 10 and an X Match
  105. X matches
  106. Small X but FF says 2-4 cousin
  107. Downloading Raw Data
  108. Sisters, same mother, X ?
  109. about x-matches?
  110. X match comparison
  111. Help!
  112. My ancestress
  113. Build 36/37 autosomal and x chromosome
  114. X-match 106.7 cM one block
  115. Mother doesn't match other X chromosome matches
  116. What cM length of X is of interest?
  117. Different shared segments of X
  118. X match 60.6 cM with block 60.6 atDNA 0 cM
  119. Two new X-matches
  120. X matches- are any relevant ?
  121. X-bug?
  122. Several X-DNA matches.
  123. Son has X matches his mother doesn't
  124. X chromosome puzzle
  125. This awkward XDNA, once again.
  126. Uploading FTDNA x matches to Gedmatch
  127. Is This Possible?
  128. High XDNA values
  129. New X column and bug
  130. Men and x matches
  131. Significance of female x-matching
  132. Inheritance of full X chromosome, second generation?
  133. X Chromosome Inheritance Theory
  134. Uncle and my 1st cousin Joan both took the myDNA test
  135. X-Match of 40.6 Centimorgans (cM) between my uncle and 1st cousin
  136. How close might this make to male match be?
  137. Very large X-match
  138. X match to father how relevant to son
  139. Help Understanding
  140. X Dna Noob problem - Help please
  141. X confusion - Me too
  142. x DNA match - newbie question
  143. X match with a known cousin
  144. Different Results for FF and Advanced Matching
  145. report only an X match?
  146. Small X match valid?
  147. False positives
  148. X-Match Notification
  149. Finding paternal grandfather relatives via X NON matches?
  150. X-DNA question - siblings same X as me?
  151. is X-match from mom or dad?
  152. X-match between two women
  153. Is it possible to separate this out somehow?
  154. X-match on FTDNA, but not on gedmatch.com
  155. cm's shared on X. Grandmother or Great Aunt?
  156. Father's Maternal X
  157. Long Xmatch - Acadian ancestry
  158. Cousin Match on X
  159. x-match question
  160. X-match leads to father's paternal line
  161. Why does my daughter share more X with my mother than with me?
  162. X DNA questions
  163. A really stupid question
  164. X match for paternal grandfather
  165. Why arent xdna matches under the Maternal category?
  166. Overlapping X
  167. Sometimes I'm really slow at this.....but
  168. X Match with short segment meaningful?
  169. Ashkenazi X-matches: real or false!
  170. A question regarding xmatch and paternal grandmother
  171. Maternal Uncle Match on X only 23.88cM?
  172. X Match ??
  173. Could an X-match be an Y-match?
  174. "x-match" means that the connection is coming from your mother?
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