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  1. Population Finder Update?
  2. BritainsDNA Results
  3. Help me to analyze please!
  4. Strange result in PF
  5. 96.66% Western European (Orcadian), 2,83% Southeast Indian, North Indian (?)
  6. Why do PF results differ so much from Geno results
  7. 70.32% Western European, 29.68% Middle Eastern
  8. Let's Play...Name that Ethnicity!
  9. Family Finder results
  10. My and My Mother's PF Results.
  11. Pop finder / Geno2 admixture differences
  12. New Pop Finder?
  13. Disappointed
  14. Mystery 5th Cousin In Sweden????
  15. Post your Pop Finder results and known ancestry
  16. big difference in 2 results
  17. Population Finder contrasted with mtDNA result
  18. Sicilian Amerindian???
  19. Population Finder
  20. Prosapia Genetics
  21. Italian with pop finder showing 97.6% Middle Eastern Jewish
  22. map of how europe has changed over the years
  23. Could Montenegrin=Middle Eastern on pop finder?
  24. Could Ancient Romans Account for "Mediterranean" Results?
  25. Population Finder time frame
  26. Time Frame on the New Pop Finder???
  27. New PF/MyOrigins cluster descriptions
  28. Western Europe?
  29. Native American results
  30. Comparing Jewish and Southern Italian results
  31. My Origins Results......
  32. myOrigins Reference Populations
  33. Problem when logging in
  34. Croatian in MyOrigins
  35. norway mystery- anyone else england/germany/france show up as norway?
  36. Big problems with myOrigins - where are southeastern Indians represented?
  37. Ethnic percentage relevance
  38. something does not make sense in the results
  39. Changes from myorigin
  40. Do you have East Asian in myOrigins?
  41. Missing 1%
  42. Central/South Asian
  43. myOrigins Solves a Mystery for Some Latinos
  44. How to use MyOrigins heatmap?
  45. conversos and sephardic
  46. European Coastal plain cluster in Turkish sample
  47. myOrigins white paper now available
  48. MyOrigins' Jewish Diaspora vs Gedmatch Oracle&Oracle4
  49. Educated guesses
  50. North Circumpolar
  51. Ages of groups in MyOrigins
  52. How many opted out of MyOrigins?
  53. Jewish Diaspora Question
  54. European Northlands
  55. Significance of a 1% result
  56. Scandinavian and Western and Central Europe results
  57. Finnish Question
  58. MyOrigins for indivuals with Berber ancestry
  59. Comparing North African Jews and North African non-Jews results
  60. Scandinavian in My origins and British isles ancestry
  61. Aboriginal Australian ancestry
  62. Ethnicity Estimate Inconsistencies - AncestryDNA vs FF
  63. North African Origins
  64. Nationalist Finnish scientists?
  65. Are you Swiss or half Swiss, but have 0% Western and Central Europe
  66. Map of myOrigins clusters
  67. Email link to MyOrigins map to others?
  68. Ancestry Composition and MyOrigins
  69. My Northeast Asian: Asian or Native American?
  70. Most affordable GEDmatch for full european
  71. Significance of a 10% and 5%
  72. Thouroughly confused
  73. Discrepancy between myOrigins and Gedmatch
  74. 3 Generations of kits
  75. How to print to MyOrigins cluster results to paper?
  76. MyOrigin Ethnic Makeup
  77. Grandmother's results - is 2% just noise?
  78. Central Asia?
  79. Worth investigating?
  80. Differant Origins results for Sibs
  81. Curious About My FTDNA Origins Vs. Ancestor Origins
  82. Question Regarding Sephardim
  83. Eurogenes ANE K7 results
  84. My first test, and I'm already confused
  85. Finland/Northern Siberia
  86. Myorigins match papertrail?
  87. Privacy Level for myOrigins?
  88. Connecting Autosomal to Cousin's Y DNA
  89. Central Asian results
  90. Spanish/Italian to Turkey My Origins results
  91. 100% British Isles
  92. Print or Save MyOrigins Map
  93. Trying to understand myOrigins results
  94. Clovis Anzick ethnic makeup in FTDNA myOrigins
  95. Can Ancient Autosomal DNA have matches to living people?
  96. Ashkenazi result My Origins
  97. Family Finder Origins vs MtDNA -a conflict?
  98. MyOrigins now showing the matches breakdown they are sharing
  99. Population Finder vs MyOrigins, which is it?
  100. JTest-Gedmatch - Do everyone has some Askenazi there?
  101. Very strange results
  102. How to read admixture test results
  103. Using family finder with my origins
  104. Impressed with Eastern European Breakdown
  105. Please post your ftdna "My Origins" results for comparison:
  106. No results for Myorigins
  107. How far back in time does My Origins go?
  108. MyOrigins says I'm 100% European but many matches are 0% European?
  109. My Origins for North Africans
  110. Middle East covering Israel.. anyone else?
  111. 23andme and FTDNA results about Jewish ancestry
  112. myOrigins percentages are losing FTDNA business!!
  113. myOrigins Map Accuracy
  114. What can be deduced by ethnic percentages in MyOrigins?
  115. Excited, my first My Origins results are in! These are for my son.
  116. can someone help me please with my orgins results?
  117. Different Admixtures
  118. Missing 1%
  119. Eurogenes
  120. north African (middle east)/Mediterranean -does this point to Sephardic ancestry?
  121. My Origins FTDNA vs. Ancestry. Totally different
  122. enquiry ؟
  123. Native DNA
  124. Question regarding Dr. McDonald
  125. Discrepancy between myOrigins and Population Finder
  126. Son 6% Jewish; both parents have 0%??
  127. Does 1% North African and 3% Eastern Middle East mean anything
  128. Could someone explain this?
  129. Variation in sibling results
  130. Eastern Europe
  131. A little disappointed (but also excited!) about myOrigins percentages
  132. British Isles vs Scandinavian ?
  133. Help. Asia Minor DNA in Italians
  134. Can Jewish DNA show up as African?
  135. Distant West Asian/Turkish ancestry
  136. Am I African or Amer Indian or?
  137. FTDNA compared to 23andMe
  138. Scandinavian
  139. Ashkenzi Jewish with 4% Scandinavian
  140. Can Asia Minor in myOrigins suggest Jewish ancestry?
  141. Faulty MyOrigins results
  142. Only 3 columns in "Shared Origins"?
  143. Could My Missing 2% Be Native American?
  144. How does this happen??!
  145. Comparative results from a "native" Brit
  146. Comparing Results from 3 Companies
  147. My Origins results; a little lost?
  148. My Origins results
  149. Mostly Southern European with 9% Scandinavian?
  150. I'm SO Confused by Results
  151. My Gedmatch Admixture Results
  152. Major myOrigins discrepancies
  153. My Origins Ashkenazi Jewish
  154. 25% Scandinavian/25% southern Euro
  155. Discrepencies in MyOrigins and AncestryDNA results
  156. FTDNA vs. Ancestry on origins
  157. Middle Eastern results
  158. European complexities
  159. 5% Asia Minor?
  160. FTDNA account and myOrigins
  161. Central South Asian
  162. My Origins changed
  163. Questions about Which Tests to Order
  164. Finally received my results!
  165. Beginners Query
  166. Southwestern England?
  167. myOrigins change #4 lol
  168. Changed and confusing
  169. what is meant by Ashkenazi Diaspora
  170. Is this common?
  171. Should I request a re-run test?
  172. Third party raw data - do they produce reliable results?
  173. 100% European MyOrgins?
  174. Ethnic Origins
  175. Which Admixture does FTDNA use?
  176. myorigins changed a lot
  177. Dutch
  178. Jewish Diaspora-Askhenazi
  179. FamilyTreeDNA Results and FamilyTreeDNA Autosomal Transfer from AncestryDNA
  180. Y DNA is M-222 but no British Isles in My Origins
  181. Confirming my Native heritage
  182. GedrosiaDNA Eurasia K14 and Neolithic calculator
  183. Changing Classifications?
  184. MyOrigins/Admixture of English
  185. Sephardic ancestry?
  186. Connecting Native American and Asian heritage.
  187. Connecting with my Native heritage.
  188. Eastern Europe/German Ancestry
  189. DNA.Land Vs. MyOrigins
  190. Gedmatch Admixtures
  191. DNA.Land results.
  192. Anyone Else With 100% European Results?
  193. Jewish matches
  194. Differences
  195. Central/South/East African results
  196. Any update on the new My Origins & the Sephardic Cluster
  197. Reference Populations Methodolgy
  198. Jewish Diaspora vs European and Middle Eastern
  199. My Origins Differences Between Uncle And Niece
  200. Am I a bit Jewish or am I not?
  201. What % of African would you expect from a 4th gg from one line?
  202. No French Ancestry?
  203. A lot of Jewish matches - but I don't have Jewish ancestors (as far as I know).
  204. No German?
  205. My Origins Map
  206. North African results
  207. Admixture/ finding Jewish ancestors
  208. Why no breakdown for the origin of matches?
  209. Confused
  210. Finnish/Central Asian?
  211. Native American % way off??
  212. African DNA in my Mexican family
  213. How far back do they go?
  214. How can FF be so "off"?
  215. I'm not Jewish??
  216. New Project: Jewish and Italian myOrigins
  217. Non-Jewish DNA but Jewish
  218. The 1863 daddy
  219. First cousins myOrigins difference
  220. Spanish MO
  221. No Jewish matches
  222. Maternal line is Jewish as well..? Many questions.
  223. Jewish Ethnicity
  224. MyOrigins not working?
  225. Gedrosia Near East Neolithic K13 calculator
  226. Native American Map
  227. Where did my Scandinavian DNA come from?
  228. 3% Central/South Asian
  229. GEDmatch Diagnostic Utility total matches
  230. Still no update to My Origins?
  231. Is The Jewish In My Maternal Line Really Legit?
  232. My Origins variance to known ancestors?
  233. Southern European
  234. Parents and Child Origins Don't Add Up
  235. Map vs list and other problems
  236. DNA.Land Build36 Build37 differences
  237. A hint of East Med on K13 - is this likely to be significant?
  238. Ireland vs. British Isles
  239. 100% Ashkenazi Jewish
  240. Confused with MyOrigins+Ancestry+K13+Dodecad Results
  241. Mothers myorigins results
  242. Interpreting GedMatch Results? Please help!
  243. Iranian with 7% British Isles and 38% Asia Minor??
  244. My moms Jtest results
  245. 0% British Isles
  246. Can't make sense of my fathers phased kit
  247. Middle Eastern and Central Asian DNA in Northern Europeans
  248. Me, Father, Mother. and Wife DNA.LAND results
  249. I don't match my parents in My Origins
  250. Suggestion - estimate ancient ethnicities, Celtic, etc.