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  1. Maternal Content of Family Finder
  2. Total cM versus Average over the Segments
  3. Family Finder?
  4. Family Finder matches
  5. Certificate warnings when logging in to myFTDNA
  6. Contacting matches
  7. Gedmatch CH Browser
  8. comparable to gedmatch look at all matches ch browser?
  9. results back & says new matches but no matches at all
  10. Kindle Fire problems
  11. When does the "match notification" email fire?
  12. DNA Shaddadid dynasty R1a
  13. How far back can atDNA go on average?
  14. Thrilled But Bewildered
  15. Adding Known Relationship
  16. Basic Newbie Question
  17. Distance to common ancestor
  18. Matching Siblings but not Parents
  19. 23andme v4 Transfers - What's the official word
  20. Possible half sister what test to take
  21. Changing gender on kit
  22. Listing maiden or in-law surnames
  23. Any Gedmatch pros on this forum?
  24. Free autosomal raw files download?
  25. Double First Cousins Shared DNA?
  26. Furutrad - ROH calc and Chromosome visualizer
  27. Fake names and initials
  28. Last column Chromosome Browser
  29. A newbies question
  30. Match page advice
  31. Gedmatch Results Are in For me.
  32. Ancestor or Population Pool?
  33. opinions, pls? 5-7 cousinships?
  34. Double relationship
  35. Family Finder SNPs
  36. Family Finder test
  37. Family Finder new matches notification
  38. Sibling DNA Match Puzzle
  39. % dna shared vc. cM values
  40. blue eyes gene
  41. Autosomal mutations
  42. Ancestors are related, how does it affect Family Finder?
  43. searching for snps in the raw data
  44. chromosome 18
  45. How long does a sample last?
  46. Degree of Kinship
  47. 23andMe Really Slowing Down?
  48. FF Matrix
  49. testing distant cousins
  50. Testing Uncle
  51. Family Finder vs. other tests
  52. Saving Raw data results
  53. Fake Names and emails
  54. Upload of FF results
  55. Family Finder Member HD-108
  56. New gedcom go to ftdna error page
  57. Autosomal Markers Panels
  58. Can having a common ancestor mean 2 individuals are in the same haplogroup?
  59. Mother/Son cM values on shared matches
  60. Y Chromosome SNPs in Family Finder
  61. Family Finder using Y-DNA cheek swab
  62. A question about Dr. McDonald.
  63. Any benefit to doing Family Finder versus transferring for 23andme
  64. A reset on all the matches?
  65. CM for half siblings
  66. Mystery - Recent Sicilian immigrants and 3rd to 5th cousin American Colonials
  67. Confused about first family finder results
  68. Strange family finder results?
  69. How does my MyOrigin results compare to my other results? ( 23andMe, Gedmatch,etc )
  70. MyOrigins geography error: Anglo Saxon?
  71. Basic Family Finder Question
  72. Is the Old System to be regarded as Inaccurate now?
  73. Our FF Match Lists
  74. mother doesn't show as match
  75. I just got my Family Finder back
  76. My largest block person
  77. FF kit or account name question
  78. atDNA different matches, siblings, parents,etc
  79. Segments, big & small...
  80. Revisiting the Orcadians
  81. Strange matches?
  82. Designating level of cousinship?
  83. Ancestral surnames in Bold?
  84. Chromosome Browser
  85. 5th Cousins
  86. 1st cousin matches
  87. Will someone please go over these matches with me?
  88. 23 transfers
  89. No Matches for 2 months
  90. Testing Identical Twins
  91. Neanderthals and red hair
  92. rs1426654 AA
  93. Paternal line in autosomal DNA matches
  94. yDNA matches not showing up in Family Finder
  95. Why not matching in common, please?
  96. Less than 7 cM's......
  97. Pending Matches
  98. Question about Shared Matching Segments
  99. Can Family Tree DNA help me?
  100. Ordering an additional Family Finder test
  101. Val60Leu
  102. Begginer question
  103. SNP associated with freckles
  104. How many ancestors share our dna
  105. Question about purchasing
  106. How long does Family Finder results take?
  107. Half-1st cousin?
  108. Identical twin sisters?
  109. West Asian v SouthWest Asian
  110. Batching Family Finder Tests Question!
  111. Surname lists
  112. Admixtures
  113. site down
  114. Interpreting my Results
  115. Shared cM
  116. How likely is it?
  117. FF and Paternity tests.
  118. Unexpected Autosomal Test Result
  119. Confirmed Sibling unmatch confirmed cousin
  120. Color me confused HELP
  121. Confirming Relationship Widgets
  122. Search for another person's test...
  123. Relationship to matches
  124. Place names with surnames
  125. kit number and password?
  126. Match with Adoptee
  127. FF Batch 582 Kit 357942 Question
  128. AncestryDNA autosomal transfer
  129. Gedmatch to Eclipse Family Finder Database
  130. Matching segments, but different ancestors
  131. yDNA37-match FF-no match
  132. How Frequently will I see additional new FF Matches?
  133. Gedcom Upload is Back!!! But a Problem?
  134. Is This Possible?
  135. A possible NPE found through Family Finder Test?
  136. How long does it take.....
  137. Matches Not In Common w/Either Parent
  138. FamilyFinder test query
  139. Testing parents Family Finder
  140. How significant is a one segment match
  141. Contacting a Match
  142. Build 36 or 37?
  143. Transfer in from Ancestry, or purchase FF?
  144. Help Understanding Mysterious "Close" Matches
  145. Order History Timeline?
  146. Undo Link?
  147. Confirmation Requested
  148. First results in...
  149. Relationship help please
  150. First results
  151. Detecting maternal vs. paternal relatives in map view
  152. Matches in common
  153. FF Query
  154. family finder dna test- name on test ?
  155. FF and 23andMe V3 transfers?
  156. cMs or SNPs?
  157. Suggested relationship
  158. Transferring multiple autosomal tests??
  159. Not getting credit when referral link was used?
  160. Wow, FAST!!!
  161. Unexpected, but not shocking
  162. Search by Kit #?
  163. Matches Family Tree
  164. Dutch Matches and Portuguese Matches Silva question
  165. What to expect from family finder dna test
  166. if X and Y match at FF, do they both descend from Z?
  167. Evaluating a 2nd cousin 1x removed match
  168. Gedmatch phasing question
  169. What is the relevance of which chromosome your match is?
  170. Reviewing trees of my FF matches
  171. Question..
  172. Got my results/How many hours does Gedmatch take to upload my files
  173. What happened to all my matches?
  174. Chromosome Browser -- Is there any inference..
  175. FF matches with family trees question
  176. Forum malfunctioning?
  177. Gedmatch's Malfunction for a week now
  178. 0 Autosomal while 9.1 X-dna. What does it mean?
  179. Family Finder match has same Y Group as me
  180. CSV/Excel match data now rounded?
  181. y-DNA to Family Finder
  182. Family Finder
  183. Coupons needed
  184. Matches kinda a showing of both sides of my parents, how to understand this?
  185. Presentation on Ashkenazi and Sephardic Dna
  186. confusing matches
  187. Questions about Family Finder Results
  188. Tree-less matches
  189. DNA Transfer to FTDNA
  190. Why isnt this a match?
  191. Irish v West Scottish autosomal
  192. Is there any way to search family tree names...
  193. Kits May Have Been Mixed Up by my Family
  194. Gedcom - who to include?
  195. Please post your ftdna "My Origins" results for comparison:
  196. A Match in Germany or A False Positive??????
  197. transfer
  198. Gedmatch vs Ancestry.com?
  199. Confused about Autosomal Results
  200. myFamilyTree & GEDCOM
  201. Meaning of DNA Percentages
  202. Chromo Browser question
  203. Contacting DNA Matches
  204. I'm the only one with 2% Central/South Asian
  205. Kids' results minus Mom = deceased Dad?
  206. Adding correct close relationships with matches
  207. Which Tests?
  208. Gedmatch Puerto-Rican - really?
  210. old branch
  211. Same cousins but cousins don't match each other?
  212. Theoretically...
  213. Cohen Modal Match
  214. Can someone help me explain this family finder match
  215. Chromosome Browser question
  216. Assistance Interpreting FamilyFinder results
  217. Half cousins closer than full cousins
  218. YDNA test taken by different person than autosomal DNA--do I need two accounts?
  219. Family Finder Results
  220. Half siblings vs. half aunt/niece
  221. Can FF tell me if my brother and I are full siblings?
  222. Shared dna - percentage ranges?
  223. in common with
  224. Uploading surname list
  225. What constitutes a match
  226. Rookie question about Scandinavian/Russian matches
  227. Transfer matches not unlocking
  228. Light Skin SNPs
  229. Number of Matches in Family
  230. Swiss ancestry and myOrigins
  231. A closer match with son than his mother! How?
  232. Bolded surnames, how does it work?
  233. myFamilyTree to GEDCOM
  234. Very few matches.
  235. 200+ cMs in common but can't find the match
  236. Could this be a mistake?? Help please!
  237. Distant cousin matches sister not me
  238. Matrix
  239. email matches
  240. delay in seeing initial results for Family Finder transfer
  241. Handling really unexpected FF results
  242. Transfer question
  243. Dropping notification for speculative matches
  244. Results are in, matches are not
  245. No "in common with"
  246. Question about family Finder?
  247. family finder
  248. Zero matches Family finder.
  249. Is Family Finder worth it?
  250. Question?