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  1. Newbie Project Admin
  2. STUCK
  3. Which type of project? Y-lineage but no common surname.
  4. Joining projects
  5. How to use the funds of a project as a new customer?
  6. Family Groups
  7. Abandoned Project
  8. A member wants his son's ....
  9. Group rules, non-FTDNA customers
  10. Email re Family Finder results for member
  11. Depleted DNA sample help needed
  12. Project Discounts
  13. "Begining"
  14. Surname project search question
  15. newbie admin of surname project
  16. Project won't open
  17. Definition of Lab Procedures
  18. Longevity of Stored DNA at FTDNA
  19. Delays in establishing new groups?
  20. Access to the GAP page?
  21. correct the spelling...
  22. Group doesn't show up in Project Search
  23. problem with display of administors on project web page
  24. Project not Showing up
  25. Problem with kit name display
  26. Y-DNA and MtDNA in the same surname project?
  27. How to order kit using General Fund (as admin)
  28. Can I add a Result Comments to public display?
  29. Turn off the grouped stats?
  30. Email Matches
  31. New Administrator-- Please Help!
  32. Timeout
  33. Changing log -in email for Surname Group
  34. How to give a project administrator full access to your account?
  35. Trying to buy new kits, I get White Screen of Death !!!
  36. Broken Links on Y-DNA Classic Chart
  37. Requested to start project - no response
  38. I just want to manage my relative's kit...
  39. Can i add sequences from y search?
  40. Coupons?
  41. FF Matches disappeared
  42. Attempt to add new project unsuccesful - can anyone help?
  43. 2nd attempt to create CYRIAC GROUP here
  44. identifying and recruiting new project members from ftdna database
  45. Website performance update and more
  46. Converting from Rootsweb-DNA project site to FTDNA site
  47. Problem re new member join request tools?
  48. Planned website outage, Wed. 8/4/15 around 10am.
  49. Problem with FF Illumina OmniExpress Matrix
  50. 11th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy
  51. Family Finder Projects - Lots of questions as Consider Starting One
  52. Y12 test for Group Admins
  53. Example Bulk Email
  54. delays in notifying join requests?
  55. Approving FF join request
  56. Y-DNA SNP option on Public Website page
  57. Change order of subcategories?
  58. Dead email addresses
  59. Nothing on Public Website page
  60. Inviting co-administrators
  61. Signed-in user changes to another while using account
  62. privacy question
  63. Website outage tomorrow (Tuesday), plus privacy reminders
  64. I can't seem to disable new member joins
  65. Feeling Lonely!!!
  66. member not displaying
  67. Cant change public results display settings
  68. Family Finder Projects
  69. Help - How do you contact kits on a project
  70. Message from FTDNA disappeared?
  71. MyGroups
  72. Gedmatch - yes or no?
  73. How to deal with strays
  74. Raising Money For Big Y Test
  75. Discussion re: Strays
  76. close knit surname group
  77. Can the Results be numbered?
  78. Project members with no DNA results
  79. "Sticky" postings
  80. Restoring removed members
  81. e-mail management
  82. Can an autosomal category be added to an existing project?
  83. Sub grouping order
  84. Join requests not working correctly
  85. Ungrouped Members
  86. Y upgrade part paid by general funds?
  87. Surnames with Guild membership
  88. can't add known know cousins
  89. Problems faced with starting a new Surname project through FTDNA
  90. Upload documents to projects?
  91. I'm about as new as it gets. I could use some help.
  92. Order Summary Report - Question
  93. Earliest known ancestor
  94. How to use the General Fund
  95. Match at 67 but not 111
  96. How do I get my name to show up as an admin on project home page?
  97. Unable to display MTDNA results on GAP page
  98. Brand New Project Admin Here
  99. Cost of HVR1 to HVR2 upgrade?
  100. Sort order within subgroups; almost-but-not-quite numeric?
  101. Suppressing join request emails
  102. Links to member projects not working
  103. Moving from external site to internal
  104. What can be shared between Project members
  105. second administator
  106. Y-25 kit from admin page?
  107. Significance of Genetic Distance
  108. Poll question for those who have seen this...
  109. Project Administrator emails
  110. Problems with Kit Authorization
  111. How to hand over project admin to a new person?
  112. Subgroups not working
  113. Where to start with my group administrator account
  114. Lack of responce
  115. Additional testing request
  116. New Y-DNA Match Notifications
  117. New admin here-help please
  118. No responce to privacy settings