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  1. mtDNA and Genealogy
  2. No matches on Y DNA
  3. Understanding the mtDNA haplogroup origins information
  4. Understanding results of FMS test
  5. Pedigree Chart
  6. What is H48?
  7. An exact match on FMS
  8. Will mtDNA help find MRCAs within 6-10 generations?
  9. Hide HVR1 and HVR1/HVR2 matches?
  10. What does Y in the mtDNA results stand for?
  11. Someone matches me but I dont match them?
  12. mtDNAPlus et ancêtres communs de la branche maternelle.
  13. New and so confused
  14. Steps?
  15. mtADN résultats et absent(e)s.
  16. Only 1 match?
  17. Difference Haplogroup for siblings
  18. mtFull Sequence Results Missing
  19. Gedcom coupon with FMS sale?
  20. Would this be worth doing?
  21. New to this - quick question
  22. mtDNA & FF matches
  23. uploading to mtDNA Community
  24. More mtDNA Fun
  25. Understanding mtDNA result with no matches
  26. Comparing HVR1 to HVR2/FMS matches
  27. Missing match?
  28. Can't find Mitosearch on MtDNA page
  29. please join your mtDNA haplogroup project!
  30. Mitosearch: What do I enter?
  31. Heteroplasmy notation
  32. How to Join Maternal Haplogroup Project?
  33. Where are your GEDCOMs
  34. D9S919 Test
  35. Newbie question about "steps"
  36. Testing twice, for mother & child? Why?
  37. mtDNA Sales
  38. Finding a grandfather not knowing his name
  39. advance matches HVR2
  40. I need an Idiot's guide
  41. Genetic distance of 2
  42. Could there be errors in HVR1 and HVR2 results
  43. What are FTDNA's plans for mtDNA Community?
  44. ordered FMS... kit info went wacko
  45. Which mtDNA test is right for me?
  46. FMS upgrade resulted in links that disappeared?
  47. Un Grouped kits in Surename Projects
  48. mtDNA results from Ancestry.com
  49. Only ONE mt-DNA match?
  50. Searching for Henrietta Pelg, Sherov, Prussia
  51. mtDNA mismatches
  52. Turning off notificaton for mtDNA matches
  53. Do I have this correct?
  54. So Confused. Please help.
  55. Probability Table for mtDNA & Genetic Distance - TMRCA
  56. Haplogroup with mtDNA Plus?
  57. Meaning of lower case letters?
  58. Lack of matches in mtDna
  59. MtDNA (full sequence) results - Is there more?
  60. Is MtDNA right for me?
  61. time
  62. "Most Distant Ancestor" suggestion
  63. FMS if no HVR2 matches?
  64. Little bit confused about results
  65. MTDNA - Kit Comparisons
  66. Question mtDNA
  67. Mtdna matches with no info.
  68. Lots of Finnish connections in mDNA results, please read below
  69. Most Distant Ancestor
  70. mtDNA & sisters of direct maternal ancestors?
  71. Please help a noob out
  72. MTDNA, a few questions
  73. mtDNA test
  74. mtdna question
  75. MtDNA FMS matches missing or has the system changed?
  76. Maternal DNA at 23&me
  77. Advice on mtDNA please
  78. Will the full sequence mtDNA answer my questions?
  79. YDNA 12 Marker
  80. How is FTDNA doing with new mtDNA testing?
  81. Are there any GOOD mtDNA tests? Detailed ones.
  82. Same HVR1 and HVR2 mutations
  83. show mother's mtDNA results to my matches
  84. Matching 2nd-3rd cousins mtDNA
  85. The search feature
  86. Doing Something Wrong?
  87. what project to join with mtDNA
  88. Three Way DNA "hit"
  89. mtFull-Sequence Test: Record-Breaking Turnaround Time!
  90. H15a1
  91. What am I finding on mitosearch?
  92. No mtDNA matches!
  93. HVR1 Match not same haplogroup
  94. Can I upgrade to mtDNA results from results transferred from Ancestry?
  95. New Survey
  96. H7c3
  97. MtFull Maternal Grandfather
  98. mtDNA matches need explained
  99. heteroplasmy
  100. About entering mt info on mitosearch
  101. very few matches, many questions
  102. Same Haplogroup for maternal aunt and niece?
  103. mtdna current wait time?
  104. Finding jewish ancestry
  105. GD3 for Mother and Son after Full mtDNA Sequence
  106. Haplogroup H15a and some other questions
  107. Batch 661
  108. B2d but 24 extra mutations and 1 missing
  109. Need to change privacy setting?
  110. MitoSearch Error(s)
  111. I literally have no idea on how to read my results
  112. mt-DNA Markers in Anxcestry Data
  113. mtDNA FS aide to determine 7th G GM
  114. To Test or Not to Test...that is the question.
  115. Full sequence mtDNA and MRCA
  116. mtDNA+ or mt Full Sequence?
  117. Mtdna J1c - full sequence, zero matches?
  118. To test or not to test
  119. The best person to test?
  120. Family Finder for Wife
  121. mtDNA full sequence test ordered and sent
  122. No HVR1, HVR2, Empty Matches Map
  123. Genetic distances changed
  124. W3a1d mtDNA (partial) - test again?
  125. 2nd cousins negative in HVR2
  126. mtDNA - No Matches
  127. Ancestry mtDNA
  128. Giving my uncle Norman the mtDNA kit
  129. the most matches
  130. mtDNA testing my uncle
  132. Newbe Questions from a man
  133. results posted
  134. Frustrated with MTDNA for Genealogy
  135. I have no idea where to post this
  136. Mtdna N/A what does that mean?
  137. You have to share your complete tree
  138. Looking for a mtDNA Haplogroup Project (H1a1)
  139. General Question about mtDNA
  140. Full mtDNA match (or only HVR1 & HVR2 match)?
  141. My cousin took the mtDNA test now what?
  142. How long is mtFull taking til results
  143. Where would I go
  144. mitosearch.org matches but how to contact?
  145. download mtDNA
  146. What test to use?
  147. darroll and mtDNA
  148. Mt DNA full sequence match with genetic distance of 1 & common surname
  149. Haplogroup T2a1a/is 0 closest?/Total match?
  150. Test for son and mother
  151. Sephardic Jewish Maternal Line Descent
  152. 3 exact matches but not related???
  153. For GST, please explain that
  154. mtDNA matches map - did I do it correctly?
  155. Rare Halpogroup- Worth Testing?
  157. Grandson and grandmother. Test Mom too?
  158. Upgrading a test
  159. Can I attach my mtDNA results to my brother's account?
  160. mtDNA Test Results Questions
  161. T146C mutation query
  162. mtDNA matches quantity
  163. mtDNA & Family Finder-Combine Results?
  164. First cousin match
  165. mtDNA for female 1st cousin & mtDNA for uncle
  166. how many of you have little or no mtdna matches
  167. Question about mtDNA "Sample size"...
  168. Can cancer treatment add mt DNA mutations?
  169. T2b-T16296C!
  170. What test needed Female looking for half brother and nephew
  171. Full sequence results.... GD of 3....
  172. Why doesn't my daughter show up
  173. family members need to take same mtDNA?
  174. How to interpret matches
  175. MtFull Sequence has a limit of 1000 matches?
  176. MTDNA Matches
  177. HVR2 Region
  178. Is It Worth Looking Into?
  179. My mother's mtDNA test
  180. MTDNA Question
  181. Full mtDNA sequencing
  182. mtdna & FF I'm confused
  183. Exact same HVR1+HVR2 (all 13 codes) in haplogroup K
  184. for what purpose to test MTDNA
  185. Struggling to Understand How to Interpret Matches
  186. Jewish ancestry
  187. MTDNA file
  188. Coupon for $30 off mtdna full sequence
  189. Value of Additional Family Testing...
  190. MtDNA tests
  191. Would there be a different haplogroup?
  192. can't understand my results i am T1
  193. Guarded DNA?
  194. PhyloTree update
  195. Visuzlization of mt-dna matches
  196. MTDNA- Dumb Question I have to ask
  197. GEDcom question.
  198. mtDNA Full Sequence Release Survey
  199. Stuck?
  200. Information on form with mt-DNA submission
  201. Between user full mtDNA transfer
  202. MtDNA test on sale
  203. To test or not?
  204. Maternal Haplogroup and X Chromosomes
  205. mtDNA and new options
  206. mtDNA Hg T2b help
  207. mtdna
  208. mtdna
  209. Should I?
  210. Cheddar man
  211. Imperfect mtDNA match