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  1. Publish your DNA case story
  2. Kerchner Surname Y-DNA Project Success Story
  3. Mallett Success Story
  4. Dillman/Stillman connection
  5. From Ella May Walker
  6. I really need someones Help!!
  7. Simonton-Symington Surname Project
  8. slaughter clan
  9. Adoption/extra-marital Stastic
  10. Success comes in degrees
  11. Caverly DNA Surname Project Success and Surprises.
  12. 64% of Group Have Matched
  13. Locke mystery solved!
  14. Sperm donor found using FTDNA testing
  15. Fahien?
  16. Free FTP web hosting for Townsend and related names
  17. I Found my gggGrandfather!
  18. Gunter DNA project-Will Rogers ancestor proven by DNA testing
  19. In the news....
  20. Where to start?
  21. Norfolk Island Murder Mystery Solved by DNA...
  22. Hurst Y-DNA and Kelly mtDNA
  23. English Surname
  24. very confused
  25. 1000 year old brothers found again.
  26. Surprise, Surprise (U5)
  27. Norway calling
  28. I have lived in Finland for a long time
  29. 23/25 match, variant surname, unusual haplogroup
  30. No Contact with 28/28 Match
  31. Husband and wife share U5a1a haplogroup
  32. y-DNA12+mtDNA test
  33. Puerto Rican relative
  34. Haplogroup L3d traced to 1700 Falu Ancestor
  35. uh-oh.. a different story
  36. Confirmed!
  37. Nordic and Celtic (Iberian) DNA Project
  38. FTDNA-100,000 records! Congratulations!
  39. You are not going to believe this!!!
  40. 25/25 missmatch
  41. Whatever the outcome, this will still be a success story :)
  42. There is somebody here from Russia
  43. Adoption Mystery Solved [mostly]
  44. Success with a twist
  45. Autosomal DNA for L3's
  46. Italian Surname Match
  47. New to DNA ...help
  48. harmons from south carolina pee dee area
  49. Hello, sort anoob here
  50. Gaskill success!
  51. Genographic DNA test
  52. Jewish Descent
  53. J2f
  54. Family Legend proved correct
  55. Unexpected Sources of Success
  56. DNA Blood Type
  57. Hello, this is my first post on Yours site
  58. mutations
  59. Best success stories
  60. Request Shut Down of Forum until Spam is Effectively Blocked
  61. What do markers REALLY tell you?
  62. Found Family with Low Resolution
  63. My Montgomery side...
  64. yDNA Clans for the British Isles - Oisin, Sigurd, Woden, Eshu, Re
  65. Journalist looking for an adoptee sucess story
  66. Success!!!
  67. Match Found
  68. First post and match
  69. 65/67 match between the UK and USA!
  70. Genealogy + DNA
  71. do you have a famous or historical ancestor?
  72. Genetic Distance
  73. DNA success story- Perry
  74. Email from Nordic and Celtic DNA Project member:
  75. X-STR match Adoption
  76. MT-DNA Match Adoption
  77. Newbie Questions
  78. Carrow Caroon surname group
  79. Set up DNA Match
  80. Maybe a radical Y! Maybe Success
  81. Out Comes The Skeleton
  82. DNA Match with different surname
  83. Adoptee - Haplogroup A - Progress
  84. Have I broken down my brick wall???
  85. Has there been nobody related to me for 10,000 years?
  86. I2a HapGroup Project
  87. DNA match with Immigrant ancestor from England!
  88. Increased HIV risk found in genetic mutation
  89. Please consider upgrading
  90. Forum help requested
  91. Lightning strikes twice
  92. Many matches all same surname
  93. Ipswich Bennett Success Story
  94. A Success Story? Time (and an upgrade to 67 markers!) Will Tell
  95. Acadian Amerindian Success Story
  96. What to do when an exact match has since passed away?
  97. Interpretation...
  98. My first success story.
  99. Success story with YDNA 67
  100. Adopted, I Found Birth Father's Family thru FTDNA
  101. Success with brother a GD of 1 at 25?
  102. DNA match confirms Family History
  103. Father's Day Article on My DNA Success
  104. Adoptee success story, sort of, I think
  105. I finaly know who I am
  106. Adoptee finds Birthfather??
  107. A DNA paternity test
  108. 45,000 years of Travel from North Africa through Europe
  109. I found a tree full of nuts
  110. DNA proved my husband was adopted!
  111. Solving a 200 year Irish mystery
  112. DNA Success after 80 years of searching
  113. Family Rumor Was True
  114. New Scottish Cousin Discovered
  115. German? No, English...
  116. Family Finder Helps Adoptees Find Birth Parents
  117. Tracing Maternal Lines to The Kingdom of Wales
  118. Tracing Maternal Lines to the Kingdom of Wales
  119. This DNA sight will disapear soon
  120. Irish dna
  121. Help me please!
  122. Newly found half-sister confirmed!
  123. Adoptee finds family
  124. Fnal Proof
  125. Brick Wall Shattered - Delaware County Hawleys
  126. Wow! An exact match at 25 markers for my African American Grandfather!
  127. Brick Wall Shattered - Delaware County Hawleys v2
  128. Oh my,knocking on a strangers door.....
  129. 100 year old search advanced
  130. Adoption Secrets Busted
  131. What are your expectations as an adoptee
  132. Missing GGG parents found by FF
  133. Reading Info on DNA Genealogy?
  134. Y-DNA Test Confirmed Hypothesis
  135. How accurate is the Y-DNA test ?
  136. success: isolated the golf gene
  137. Success? no but...
  138. Truth Revealed
  139. My brief story
  140. indian heritage confirmed
  141. No success, need advice
  142. My new results
  143. first connection made!
  144. Dirty little secrets.....
  145. Middle East Ancestry
  146. 38 year old brick wall Crashes in a few weeks
  147. mtDNA test confirming sub-saharan ancestry
  148. Family Confirmed
  149. Great Grandmother's Father Found
  150. An Ayrshire Scotland mini-success with a bonus
  151. A Crowning Victory?
  152. Hoping for success
  153. Brothers Adoped by Separate Families Confirmed
  154. Rather an unsuccess
  155. McManus/O'Conor
  156. My Italian DNA Success Story
  157. Not a success; my emotional response
  158. I am in fact Irish, not English!
  159. Probable success at very distant cousin
  160. Colombian Adoptee in search of missing siblings
  161. Sweet success..
  162. Adoptee Finds Roots
  163. Family Finder helps with my paternal
  164. More Success with Y-DNA
  165. The scent of something ...
  166. My positives so far
  167. A really cool story involving FTDNA
  168. Family Finder helps solve mystery
  169. Possible success???
  170. Newspaper wants to interview adoptees
  171. Need some mutation rate help for possible success story.
  172. I Found My Father's Real Father with Y-DNA
  173. Little Successes
  174. Family Finder Success! Family Found!
  175. Mum and Dad - 5th Cousins
  176. mtDNA success story
  177. My Adoption-DNA Book Coming This Summer
  178. Hardeman Family Origin: Turner Connection
  179. 1 step closer to completing my DNA goals
  180. How I Finally Identified the Right Birth Father
  181. Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA
  182. "Finding Family" Book Now on Kindle
  183. Problem on Family Finder
  184. Big News for the St. John Project!
  185. Yes, I found three 1/2 siblings
  186. So Happy - Some small success
  187. Ritva found his father - Newspaper article in Finnish
  188. Potential Success
  189. Found a missing ancestor sibbling
  190. Moses Davis, The Search for His Parents
  191. Adopted child locates family
  192. Found Cousins with Y-DNA 67 Test
  193. Finally I have success!!!
  194. Shocking and Interesting
  195. Found Birth Mother on ftDNA!!!
  196. Another Success Story...
  198. Never give up!
  199. Accuracy of DNA
  200. An interesting success ...
  201. Another wonderful DNA Success Story! | genealem's genetic genealogy
  202. Family Finds!
  203. HELP (possible success story!!).
  204. 2013 Progress
  205. Hitting the jackpot with new match
  206. Connected with Europe
  207. Family Finder answers lifelong questions
  208. I thought I found my half sisters but the DNA didn't match
  209. I found where my ancestor was from
  210. Place not Chace
  211. Need Y-DNA Success Stories for Webinar!
  212. New cousin
  213. DNA has been a blessing
  214. A nice week for DNA
  215. A little success is better than none
  216. A nice surprise
  217. A step forward and a confirmation
  218. Just an ordinary success but
  219. Dustbin baby finds her birth father
  220. Finally got a match that fits paper trail
  221. Climbed the brick wall with FF results
  222. Patience Pays Off! Autosomal Success :-)
  223. Do you have an mtDNA Success Story?
  224. Burns FF surname match in Western PA
  225. Yde, born 1506 in Denmark; father Scot, mother Gypsy
  226. Paternity confirmed 166 years late!
  227. Who's yer papa, 168 years later...
  228. y-DNA Solves a 200+ Year Old Mystery
  229. Oh, those Ides and Pecks back in New York
  230. A New Family Finder Success Story
  231. Gedmatch succes.
  232. Synchronicity, Genealogy, and DNA
  233. My FTDNA Success
  234. 94 Years And No Longer Waiting
  235. Serendipity
  236. 40 year old wall finally comes tumbling down
  237. Gaining clues about unknown gg grandfather
  238. Possible confirmation of distant Scandinavian ancestry
  239. High X-DNA match proves to be my 3rd cousin 1R
  240. X chromosomes helped mapped out specific paths
  241. Benjaman Kyle Identified
  242. new cousin discovered
  243. How many people have found a biological parent via family finder?
  244. Found family
  245. I'm a Prince!
  246. My results of the FF test are interesting
  247. Niall of the Nine Hostages
  248. 150 year old paternity test
  249. Mythbusters: GGfather version
  250. Searching for Birth Father.