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  1. yDNA results access
  2. X-chromosome databases
  3. More Statistics
  4. printing out FTDNA Y-chromosone charts?
  5. Project finder
  6. My Matches Page should display just like My Hapoltree
  7. Receiving an email about Y-DNA Matches
  8. How many groups can you join?
  9. Cross Reference of Matches
  10. More Accurate Reporting of Surname Project Totals
  11. An Easy Change? Make The Red Marker also Red in the value reported
  12. Family Tree DNA Website
  13. Non-English letters
  14. Ancestral Origins
  15. Adding images on Webpages
  16. Give us SNP maps please!
  17. Some way to leave a project
  18. More haplogroup information and stats
  19. Ability to sort Matches in aphabetical order
  20. A simpler mt-DNA description
  21. Comparable MRCA estimates
  22. Make-up tests
  23. Refine
  24. Is SmartMatching still on target for 2009?
  25. Offering special discounts to family members
  26. Hotlinks on GAP and Dashboard
  27. Gedcom
  28. Contacting Matches through iGenea
  29. Ad explanation to "My Matches" list below "Haplotree"
  30. All resouces match
  31. problem logging in
  32. FGS in-depth report
  33. Deep Clade Members 'Auto-added'
  34. mt T1 project
  35. my Haplogroup matches
  36. When I click on maps it automatically starts to load HVR1
  37. Surname projects
  38. Surname Projects to include females
  39. Remember me at log in please
  40. Notice re upgrade of all Y-DNA STR (short tandem repeat) related functions
  41. Date formats
  42. Autosomal database
  43. LESS close matches and Full genomic matches
  44. FTDNA's downloadable files
  45. How to delete Gedcom file
  46. sorting in charts
  47. We all have to start somewhere
  48. Ask people to add surnames to profile?
  49. Easier to fill in ancestral info
  50. search ability for the forum
  51. Suggestions for Family Finder
  52. How about about this
  53. Need More Info From Family Finder Results
  54. Why hasn't my haplotree moved?
  55. Family Finder / features
  56. Add WTY results to Haplotree
  57. All Advanced DYS markers in projects and Ysearch
  58. FGS results in Mitosearch
  59. Show matches only at highest level of markers tested
  60. Kit-to-Kit Comaprison Tools
  61. I would like Matched-based groups
  62. Relatedness Calculator for mtDNA
  63. Gedcomradery?
  64. Why are some projects on FTDNA and others are external?
  65. quieter "on hold" music
  66. problems with gedcom upload?
  67. Purge inactive Project Admins.
  68. Email Message Notifications
  69. Segment Breakdown
  70. paypal as payment option for advanced tests
  71. Health/Disease Test?
  72. Multiple kit log on
  73. Systems Status Message/Dashboard
  74. list surnames in FF results download
  75. PMs not showing up as "sent messages"
  76. why do I have to log in dozens of times a day?
  77. ! Show "Representative Population" in "Population Finder" !
  78. Show date when FF match was posted
  79. Y-DNA results format
  80. More SubContinentalGroups-RepresentativePopulations
  81. new timeout/keep logged in alert! Yeah!
  82. Make FTDNATiPS available on Ysearch
  83. Portfolio Based DNA Kit Management
  84. FTDNA Invitation/Referal Program
  85. Forum subjects shelf-life
  86. Language Preference?!?!?
  87. SNP order form bug
  88. I would like accurate Population Finder Results
  89. "Notes" icon should change when you have notes
  90. Each Forum post dated & timed?
  91. New Feature GED COM
  92. Help FTDNA help themselfs
  93. Family Finder enhancements
  94. I would like to see the y-chromsome migration map updated!
  95. Extra DNA storage
  96. Matches in common
  97. Y Kit expiration date?
  98. Gedcom download fix?
  99. Please add more population to PF
  100. Marker Match and coding map
  101. Filter on Matching Chromosome(s)
  102. Upload data from 23andme?
  103. FF: Shared Segment count
  104. New Since Last Log-in - not very useful
  105. Relationship of Matches in Common
  106. Autosomal Results & X-STR Results
  107. TIME OUTs in the middle of analyzing Chr Browser!
  108. Known Relationship button - what if you are doubly related?
  109. New! Family Finder Sale Questions?
  110. Non Project Button
  111. FTDNA suggestion site
  112. Warrior Gene
  113. Projects should have more than one Admin
  114. Make mtDNA matches above 1000+ available too!
  115. Haplotree & Project Matches
  116. mtDNA testing
  117. Carroll surname project: no admin?
  118. Identifying all matches
  119. Ideas to make comparing Y results easier?
  120. Show names from trees in FF Surname Filter
  121. smarter mtdna matches
  122. Trace route of mtDNA + Y-DNA
  123. Forum
  124. E-Mail notifications
  125. Fix New since last, or date selections
  126. Mobile App - iPhone or Android
  128. Does FTDNA read this section of the forum?
  129. I like this easy way to identify my new FF matches (in the Beta myFTDNA)
  130. Customized SNP Testing
  131. Do x
  132. Extend Genetic Distance for matches to "6"
  133. Sort FF Matches by Chromosome Match
  134. Project Results Tables
  135. Private Members
  136. Allows for updates to ysearch, matchs on all available markers
  137. Add More Populations to Population Finder!
  138. Suggestion
  139. Chromosome Browser
  140. Please change how the timeout works
  141. DRD4/5-HTTLPR wish list
  142. Family Finder upgrade (incl. Y-DNA & mtDNA)
  143. Match list "End" page and/or "Go to" page
  144. FF Matches suggestion
  145. FF "In Common" Matches
  146. In Common With not working for unassigned
  147. Broken Email
  148. Request ... Improve notification of specials and sales
  149. Sharing Y, mt, and autosomal matches
  150. Notification of New Surname Group
  151. Possible discount on YDNA tests to FF customers?
  152. Reconstructed Y-DNA
  153. Filter option: Matches who can upgrade
  154. Fix the Surname Lists
  155. more Family Trees! common people upload your files!
  156. What happened to the hg shorthand notation on myFTDNA?
  157. Certificates
  158. New SNP information
  159. Edit your own thread
  160. Unicode Support
  161. Please allow more markup in forum signatures
  162. Chromosome Browser CSV
  163. Knowledge Base: Customer Service Representatives
  164. Family Finder Specials
  165. Matches in Common Drop Down List
  166. X Chromsome and Population Finder
  167. FTDNA's lack of liaison
  168. Ability to search pedigrees for particular place names
  169. it's a picky thing ... dates on posts
  170. Automatic Ysearch Entry
  171. Haplo Group forums
  172. browser interfaced GEDCOM creator thru FTDNA?
  173. Change the display of pedigree chart
  174. Thanks! -> New Look
  175. Ability to search by name or kit #, and select minimum segment size.
  176. Mechanism for Suggesting New SNPs
  177. FF: Allow two undetected matches to confirm relationship
  178. Chromosome browser
  179. GEDCOM import issue with alternate facts
  180. Date and timestamp each message?
  181. Notification of batches
  182. mtDNA: Reenable Matches CSV Download
  183. Enhanced User ID
  184. FASTA File for RSRS Results.
  185. Surname projects for family finder
  186. Ability to share haplogroup between parents and offspring
  187. Network mapping
  188. It would be nice to get old ydna options back
  189. Privacy Concerns.
  190. message board for project groups
  191. Bring Back Ysearch!
  192. Download project results as Excel/csv
  193. Dating of posts in FTDNA forums
  194. Population Finder survey reset
  195. When making critical, complicated database changes...
  196. Tool like 23andMe Family Inheritance: Advanced
  197. Undated Announcements
  198. Better ways of arranging/editing surnames
  199. Family Finder Search - pretty useless
  200. Assigning Distant Cousin
  201. Genetic Ethnicity
  202. Gap global e-mail notification
  203. Bizarre things happen
  204. Compare Tool and View Own Gedcom
  205. Start creating maps based on DNA dist
  206. Matches minus one marker
  207. Shorter Signature Lines
  208. Customer count by country
  209. Advanced FF Matching
  210. Merge multiple accounts under one login
  211. Better updates on Status
  212. Wish list
  213. download all chromosome browser data with all of my matches
  214. step by step walk through
  215. Pending Relationships
  216. Filter Matches
  217. Profile and Biography page
  218. Sale for Genographic participants.
  219. Transfers from UK
  220. Family Finder Tv Commercials
  221. Sending a link to Family Tree
  222. When Updates are made.
  223. Matches on the same chromosome
  224. Surname analysis and matches map for FF
  225. mobile app for FTDNA?
  226. Suggestions for FF display features
  227. Y Haplogroup on female search results
  228. One login multiple kits (Like Gedmatch)
  229. Image uploader/editor for Project admins
  230. Ability to sort by Y-DNA and/or MtDNA
  231. 3rd Party compares
  232. Show longest segment chromosome
  233. Alpha index on chromosome browser
  234. Add total segments shared to downloadable data in FF
  235. Independent FF chromosome browsing
  236. Share population finder/Y-dna/mtdna with each other
  237. Test Post
  238. Names Gibberish in Downloads
  239. New FF tests Raw Data Page
  240. Familyfinder Chromosome Browser
  241. Big Thinking about BIG Y and Y-DNA Phylogenetics
  242. BRING BACK the $49 Y-DNA 12 marker test
  243. 23andMe V4 chip transfers
  244. Status updates for samples
  245. Seeing your closest Y-dna Matches
  246. Y STR-marker Alleles-maps
  247. Can't login to myFTDNA
  248. References
  249. Y-STR Allele Frequencies for Haplogroups
  250. Issue password with new kit orders